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Dianne talked about…

  • The Zombie apocalypse…how the whole country is plagued with zombie-like behaviors.
  • Our republican line-up.
  • Entrepreneurship and how we need to rebuild America by creating the American Dream over and over.
  • Trump…not another politician…he is setting a new precedence.
  • Recipe: Braised Short Ribs, Mashed Potatoes

Obama face with nuke in backgroundReport: Iran finds ‘unexpectedly high’ uranium reserve after Dems seal nuke deal for Obama • Iran has reportedly found an unexpectedly high reserve of uranium, following assessments that the country is running low on the nuclear raw material and just days after President Obama essentially secured an international nuclear deal with the country’s leaders…


Zombies at the CapitalPentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies • Never fear the night of the living dead—the Pentagon has got you covered. From responses to natural disasters to a catastrophic attack on the homeland, the U.S. military has a plan of action ready to go if either incident occurs…



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