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Dianne talked about…

  • The media are hypocrites in the worst sense of the word. In my opinion…the media shouldn’t be covering the protests.
  • National police force… pretty scary stuff.
  • When bad people use good to destroy our country… take the privilege away from them!
  • Reasons why kids in Baltimore are rioting.
  • Protesters should be the ones to do community service and rebuild Baltimore.
  • How President Obama oppresses people and likes to call them “underprivileged” and “undereducated.”
  • Hilary…all dried up!
  • Nobody too poor to grow a garden.
  • Recipe: Quesadas

News referenced in the show…

Writing pen and stationeryDear Baltimore Family and Friends: Y’all Bein’ Played! • Though you have not confronted me or organized an intervention, I know many of you do not understand why I dislike Obama, vote Republican, and joined the Tea Party. Y’all think, Obama is black, we’re black — so, what is my problem?…


Map of South West statesBREAKING: Military Makes Massive Move That May Mean MARTIAL LAW Is Coming Soon • A group of 1,200 special operators from the Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Air Force, and Marines will infiltrate communities in seven southwestern states. This exercise is called Jade Helm, and these elite killing machines will drop from planes and will be using blank rounds to simulate actual urban combat…


State of Texas and ObamaBREAKING: The Lone Star State Just Showed Obama Why You Don’t Mess With Texas • As virtually everyone knows by now, President Barack Obama unleashed his inner dictator last year when he unilaterally declared that he was changing immigration laws, effectively granting amnesty from deportation to millions of illegal immigrants. Of course, Obama was immediately sued over his unconstitutional actions…


Go Fund Me logoGoFundMe: Leftist Tool  • Not content with shutting down a fund for some Christian bakers who fell afoul of the gay mafia, the Leftist trolls behind the crowd-sourcing site GoFundMe have just pulled the plug on a defense fund for the six Baltimore police officers hastily and very likely irresponsibly charged in the Freddie Gray affair…

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