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Dianne talked about…

  • Texas—in the top ten happiest states in the union
  • Why hasn’t our President been impeached?
  • Our congress reps that did not show up for Netanyahu’s speech are racists.
  • If you have a love for something— you will be successful in business
  • Remember…our leaders WORK for us!
  • Better off not purchasing foods from other countries
  • Really important…keep growing and building something for your survival
  • Recipe:  Stir-fry Chicken with Brown Rice & Veggies

News Referenced in the Show…

Man peeing on wallDon’t Pee on This Wall, It Pees Back • If you live in a big city, then odds are you’ve encountered the unexpected foul whiff of sunbaked urine emanating from a concrete corner. You might have even caught a young fellow relieving himself against your wall and forced him to clean it up with scrub brush and a bucket of soapy water (ahem)…


Stack of school books and American flagUC Irvine students banned the American flag on campus. For a little while, anyway • For a while — a very short while – it looked as if the American flag had seen its last days on the campus of the University of California at Irvine. On March 3, the Associated Students of the University of California passed a resolution that would ban national flags from the lobby and offices of student government, according to a statment posted on UCI News…


Map of missing flight routeFlight 370 Did Not Disappear • A year gone by, and there is not a trace. An airplane with 239 people on board did not disappear. Rather, we lost the ability to know where it was until, more than six hours later, it ran out of fuel and crashed. That, in itself, is a shocking indictment of an internationally policed airline regime in an age when we assume that all-seeing technologies should make it impossible for anything as important and large as a 330-ton airplane to vanish…


Husband and wife Couple denied role as foster parents over permits to carry guns • A Nevada couple were denied their request to serve as foster parents because they have permits to carry guns. Brian and Valerie Wilson, of Las Vegas, told “Fox & Friends” Sunday that they have always planned to become foster parents and eventually adopt, but have been denied permission to do so because of a state regulation that prohibits the carrying of loaded weapons with foster children…

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