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Dianne talked about…

  • America is the land of opportunity…politically incorrect?
  • Words and terms are being twisted
  • Obama wanting to racially “equalize” neighborhoods
  • Find your entrepreneurial “spark” at the Great American Lone Star Ranch
  • Grilled Pizza

News referenced in the show…

President Obama talkingSociety’s Lottery Winners • Winning a lottery doesn’t make a person worthy of respect. A lottery winner wins despite engaging in an impulsive act. A lottery winner wins only because others lose. A lottery winner who won’t give back, therefore, is a lucky bastard. A winner, on the other hand, is worthy of respect…


Entrance to Garden Valley SchoolIdaho school district buys stockpile of rifles and ammo for teachers to use against armed intruders • A school isolated by Idaho’s vast landscape has armed members of its faculty with four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammo fearing a gun attack. It’s the best security precautions Garden Valley School officials say they can offer 200 of its students in the case of an armed attack …


Rangers in trainingWomen in Ranger School fail
to finish grueling course • All eight women vying to become the first female Army Rangers failed to complete the requirements to go on to the next phase of the grueling course, the Army said. The women were admitted to the two-month class as part of a broader effort by the Pentagon to lift the ban on female soldiers serving in “ground combat” jobs, such as the infantry…



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