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  • I had a lot of interesting news to share, but all you wanted to talk about was TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!! I’ve listed a couple of the articles for your perusal.
  • Recipe: Dianne’s Homemade Basil Pesto

Hilary using her cell phoneIf there was no classified material, Clinton wasn’t doing her job •  “There is no classified material.” That’s how Hillary Clinton put it when asked in March. To anyone who knows what the secretary of state actually does, this seemed strange, to put it mildly. Then the Clinton line was: “I did not send nor receive anything that was classified at the time. “Notice that she is reduced to pleading mere recklessness as a defense against possibly mishandling confidential material Well, to begin with, classified material does not need a label to make it so…


NRA instructor packing heatPacking heat in Detroit: Motown residents answer police chief’s call to arms • In a city plagued by chronic unemployment and crime and guarded by a dwindling police force, residents of Detroit are increasingly taking protection of themselves, their families and property into their own hands. Those who do so responsibly have the blessing and backing of Detroit Police Chief James Craig…

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