This Country CAN Recover, but it will NOT be Accomplished by Those in Washington

written by NIKI D. on

People who know me know I generally do not verbalize my political beliefs. There is a reason the polls are curtained off; to protect the privacy of the voter. I am not ashamed of how I believe; I just choose to keep my opinions to myself. They are personal and honestly, I do not want anyone trying to convince me otherwise. I am not unintelligent, nor am I naive. I believe what I believe because I can, and I base my beliefs on my principles.

With that being said, and this horrible election finally over, I want to share my thoughts with you, my friends. I believe we are FORTUNATE to live in this wonderful country, freedom and liberty are gifts that we must cherish and nurture; we must not CONTINUE to neglect OUR duties as CITIZENS. With all that is wrong, it is still the greatest country on Earth, I believe that with my entire heart. I believe in the power of the Constitution and when we are united as a nation we are invincible. I believe WE as AMERICAN CITIZENS must look beyond the political party lines and the partisan polarization that has so clearly divided us. I am not against political parties, they are necessary to our form of government; what I am against is the way our nation has split as a result. It is time to remember that we are FIRST and FOREMOST American Citizens, not democrat or republican! I will stand, with my hand over my heart and a lump in my throat, for the national anthem; be it at the ball field or in my living room. I will continue to get chill bumps, and yes cry SHAMELESSLY, when I see our soldiers or hear that they gave the ultimate gift for our continued liberty. I WILL instill in my children a FIERCE sense of national pride for this great country along with the work ethic that is required to ensure its continued existence. I will PRAY, constantly and fervently, for our leaders (no matter their political affiliation). I will hold MYSELF accountable and responsible for contributing to my country in any way I can; and know that I will gladly lay down my life for this country. I am a Patriot.

I believe that this country CAN recover, but it will not be accomplished by those in Washington. I have no faith in current politicians (be they republican, independent or democrat, it does not matter). I feel no sense of urgency from our leaders, and the lack of compromise quite frankly makes me sick. The finger pointing and blame game will continue to be the norm, UNLESS we as citizens DEMAND more from those we have elected. Just as I will hold myself accountable and responsible for my country, so must we hold those in office. It is time to expect more from our leaders, and until WE STAND UNITED AS AMERICAN CITIZENS, they will continue the power play and lobbying. This recovery WILL ONLY come when YOU and I make it so. We cannot afford to sit idly by any longer; it is our responsibility, our nation, our government. NOW is the time for action, we MUST speak loudly and united. WE must show the true spirit of COMPROMISE and make it clear to all those in office that we will accept no less. We must maintain constant contact with our Mayors, Judges, Councilmen, Congressmen and Senators. We must let them know that we require responsibility as well as accountability, and there is no alternative.

I am guilty of being lackadaisical in regards to my civic duties; but that stops now. I challenge each of you to find some shred of common ground that we can begin to rebuild the relationships that have been decimated so that once again we can call ourselves “one nation.”

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