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  • How so many of us doubt ourselves to the point of not listening to our inner self.  We all have a path, and we need the patience and faith to follow our own dreams, ideas, discovery, and not put our faith in earthly authority!
  • Everyone hates a trader. When President Obama traded 5 really bad enemies for one alleged trader—who is the real trader??

News Referenced in the Show:

President Obama

Michael Jackson  shielding face

  • Michael Jacksons kids get 8M a year allowance - On a hot, lazy Las Vegas day, Michael Jackson’s eyes were glued to a catalog as he shopped from his hotel room for mundane but expensive trinkets such as Rolex watches, Barbie dolls and artwork. The 2002 shopping spree continued until Jacko exhausted his line of credit with the hotel. Frustrated, he reached in a duffel bag and handed his 4- and 3-year-old kids a stack of bills totaling $20,000 and ordered their nanny to “take them out and buy them whatever they wanted”…

Governor Rick Perry

  • Don’t write off Rick Perry - For the media, the 2016 presidential race boils down to a contest between Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) for the far right’s affections. And certainly those two candidates are seeing the race in such terms. But the candidates, the media and the GOP at large make a mistake if they ignore Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Yes, Rick Perry…
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