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    Marriage between two people of the same sex is now normal; talking about God is considered a bad thing; being rich and a capitalist is considered evil; kicking the constitution around like a piece of toilet paper is normal; taking the fifth before congress is now the normal way of dealing with problems—all shameful! What has happened to my beautiful country?

News Referenced in the Show


  • The Attempted Extortion of Paula Dean - The real story behind the Paula Dean scandal can be summed up in a single word: greed. The American judicial system and the media are being used as formidable weapons in a brazen attempt to extort money from Ms. Dean.…


  • Carter: Paula Deen should be forgiven - Former President Jimmy Carter said embattled celebrity chef Paula Deen should be forgiven, arguing that while there’s no condoning the racial slurs she uttered, the well-known personality has been candid and apologetic.…



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