Dianne talked about…

    What happened to words like… honor, integrity, trust, virtue, and respect? Their true intent has been twisted around. For example – respect others feelings, and respect people’s right to be wrong! Also… Why is it that our country is turning against its entrepreneurs??

News Referenced in the Show


  • Duck Dynasty and the Future of Entertainment- Christians and other people of faith are thirsty…thirsty for programming on television and in the movies which is entertaining and that we can watch without concern of vulgarity or violence or the pushing of social propaganda counter to our faith-based beliefs…




  • With Bullets Scarce, More Shooters Make Their Own – Gun stores around the country have had difficulty keeping up with demand for ammunition in recent months. Fears of government tightening of gun and ammunition controls have meant that retailers, from Wal-Mart to mom-and-pop gun shops, haven’t been able to keep bullets on the shelves….


  • Political Correctness Is Cultural Marxism – The excellent AT article “Conservatives Pushing Back” by Bruce Walker explored what we conservative thinkers have known for quite some time: political correctness (PC) is to culture what Marxism is to economics….


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