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    What makes a leader? What makes a looser? What forms our personality and makes us do what we do? Do we give into pressure from family and friends to be accepted and likeable? I was watching a sermon given by Phil Robertson, and I see something in him that he may not know—he does not care what people think of him, he has become a witness to what has saved him, the rest of us are “sheeple.”

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  • Joelson

    If you love this guy it is because you have no clue what you are tiaklng about. Use yourself as an example. You work your entire life for your family and you create a decent estate. All along the way you pay federal taxes and state taxes etc. When you die where does it say in the constitution that government can not confiscate your estate and take what they want before your family gets the money? This is double taxation, it is morally reprehensible and this congressman is a clown.

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