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Young entrepreneurs raise money at state fair

written by Statesman Journal on

Jacob Schroeder has a fanny pack full of cash, an alien bean bag toss game, a row of prizes and balloons ready to be twisted Monday at the Oregon State Fair.

Dianne Linderman… Fire, Passion, Drive

written by DAWN GOGGIN on

Originally published in theREALme Magazine


Dianne Linderman may be the most interesting woman in the world… move over, Dos Equis man!

Butter vs. Margarine: New Research Reveals Which is Healthier


Margarine isn’t better for your heart than butter — it’s worse, according to a new analysis of a 40-year-old study. For 50 years, health experts and organizations, including the American Heart Association, have urged people to replace butter and other saturated fats in their diets with vegetable oils to reduce the risk of heart disease. Millions of Americans responded by replacing butter with margarine made from omega-6 polyunsaturated vegetable oils found in corn and safflower oil.

College Professors Get What They Asked For, Don’t Like It Much

written by GARY JASON on

There is an antique saying — no less true for its antiquity — that you need to be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. This came to mind when I read a recent report about what is happening at a Pennsylvania college.

No Help After Superstorm Sandy? Angered Staten Island Resident Tells President Obama: “You Lied”

written by FOX NEWS INSIDER on

President Obama promised to help victims of Hurricane Sandy after the storm ravaged the East Coast. But after meeting with the president, one Staten Island family says he has broken that promise. Scott and Deidre McGrath joined Fox and Friends to tell their heartbreaking story.

Free phones, call minutes draw crowds in Charleston, North Charleston

written by ANDREW KNAPP on

Hundreds of low-income people this week have been lining up in a vacant lot near the Crisis Ministries shelter on Meeting Street and, in some cases, waiting nearly three hours for a free cellphone with 250 prepaid minutes per month.