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written by EILEEN P. on

I am definitely not a liberal. In fact, I despise King Obama and everything he stands for. However, you really piss me off when you get on your soapbox about abortion. Stick to recipes and booze info. That’s what you do best.

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reply from DIANNE

I never talk about booze! It’s my soap box! Turn me off  if you can’t handle the truth!!

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reply from EILEEN P. on

I do change the station as soon as you start talking nonsense. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the butt. You do have some good food stuff but that’s all your worth.

written by JORDANA W. on

Looking forward to your newsletter. I love your show and am learning so much!

written by EDWARD J. on

I love your show!

written by MARITA. on

Heard you for the first time on our local station krms 1150 out of osage beach, mo, and liked what I heard.

written by JEAN F. on

I look forward to hearing your show every Sunday. You give voice to conservative values that I believe in, too. Thank you!

written by FRANK B. on

I just want you to know i think the same way about our government. the president is a liar and they all cover up for one another. what a shame about the cover ups. im 49. i found out about you when i was in prison. i heard you on the radio. i had relapsed on booze and drugs. i thank God i went to prison for i could have died on the streets. i’m in a christian discipleship program. i just want to thank you for speaking the truth. God bless you and your family.