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I’d love to hear your comments about ‘Everything That Matters’. Let me know your interests, guests you would like to hear, or just send me your thoughts about the show.

written by JIM M. on

Love your shows. I agree with your philosophy on life, politics and kids. Sign me up for your recipe news letter. We have been searching for quick and easy recipesusing Kirkland canned roast beef. Do you know any? How about any quick beef stroganoff recipes? Thanks

written by GREGORY J. on

Love Your Show!

written by CHRIS G. on

I caught your show Saturday afternoon on WDRC in CT. Wow, what a breath of fresh air! I hope you continue to broadcast your show on this station. Best wishes.

written by RHONDA. on

You do so many things well and the world needs more people like you and your family. However… about your bumper music… it’s sooo bad! What do you do? Look the whole world over to find the ugliest music and/or singers you can possibly find? Sorry to say that’s what it sounds like. How about something from the 50s? Or definitely not after the late 60s. Or maybe some classical music? As I’m sure you know there is both slow and peppy classical music. So there’s plenty to choose from. I know you can do better than that. Nails on a chalkboard would be better. Love and stuff.

written by BEECEE. on

I liked your comments about being an AMERICAN!

written by BETTY W. on

Heard your program for the first time today. Thank you for the courage to stand up to political correct words, and ideas. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the demise of taking responsibility for OURSELVES as a requirement for life. I am 70. I lived at the poverty level all my life. I was married 7 years, 4 children later, HE decided he married too young, had too much responsibility too young, couldn’t ‘live it up’ now, and left. I was thrown on welfare… in those days, it wasn’t even poverty income, house payment, food stamps, scrimped to make meals, had a garden for fresh food, canned, froze, and if not for that we would have just about starved. NO programs available to retrain, as computers arrived, I had to go back to school. I finally got off, only to lose medical for kids, I now am semi-retired, still needing to work as my retirement check, social security does not pay all the bills. Time the rest of the younger population gets a good dose of reality and when their freebies are gone, they will be mental messes! My kids learned the meaning of work, are productive adults with families. They also are fed up with the current status of this country. Keep up your good work!