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I’d love to hear your comments about ‘Everything That Matters’. Let me know your interests, guests you would like to hear, or just send me your thoughts about the show.

written by JEFF AND ELIZABETH B. on

Just a quick note to wish you, your family, and your staff a Merry Christmas! Elizabeth and I really appreciate your show. It is our two hours of “must hear” radio every week.

Communication technology has changed over the decades but interesting, thought provoking, “common sense” programming which you provide is like a magnet for small business people like us. We are always working Sunday mornings. Our customers are primarily in Korea and Singapore so we are getting ready for the “day ahead” which starts at 7:00 Sunday evening. We really enjoy your ideas.

Dianne please keep doing what you are doing in the New Year. If you were about 400 miles further west in West Texas the saying would be “Dianne don’t change a damn thing.”

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

written by MIKE G. on

Until 1:30 P.M. today I had never heard of you. The most interesting programs on AM radio are Saturday and Sunday. I found you on Tampa/St. Petersburg 820 AM radio this afternoon. I WILL look/listen for you every Sunday from now on. I can listen to your archives on your site. To use a late 1960′s expression you are a unique cat whom I can really dig. Dianne. You express yourself like my homer neighbor in Dearborn, Michigan (suburb of Detroit) Carol. Carol is 76 years old now. I found Carol by accident 23 yeas ago. She remarried in 1973 and moved with her new husband to St. Petersburg, Fla. I lost my dear next door friend. She lives few miles from me in St. Petersburg. I see Carol 3-4 times per year. You and and Carol are alike. Very practical/pragmatic yet very easy to talk and listen to. I am so darn glad I found you Dianne. I will begin listening to your archives.

written by LEONARD H. on

As you know Bill the Obamacare mess was sold on the premise that taxpayers were getting stuck with paying for those without insurance, who were going to the EMERGENCY for their treatment. I would love to see someone run the numbers on how many Emergency Room visits could have been paid for with the millions paid to the contractors for the botched roll out of the Obamacare web site. Hopefully you can investigate this. I love your show. DON’T EVER STOP SPREADING ” COMMON SENSE “

written by RACHEL C. on

For the first time I heard you on radio today and you were talking about Ted Cruz!!!! I recently heard him at an event in D.C. and he wowd the place and it was the only speaker that the paid protesters were there acting up! They weren’t there for the other HoHum speakers!! I’m for Ted Cruz and the straw poll had him as President and Dr. Ben Carson as VP. I so enjoyed todays broadcast with you. Thanks.

written by BECKY. on

Love your show, recipes. Cannot wait for newsletter. Listening from Klamath falls, Oregon.

written by ALICE. on

I think your show is fantastic. How nice it is to turn on the radio and hear someone interesting who can discuss politics with great insite, and then in the next five minutes, give out a great recipe. So delighted that the radio station has you on so that we the listener’s finally have someone so diverse to enjoy .