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Un-teaching Teachers

written by Dianne Linderman on

Did you start out in life being a carefree, fun-loving kid, kind of like a wild animal, with a lot of freedom to discover, explore and become the ultimate adventurer?  Life was so good when you were three or four years old.  Then one day, when you were about five years old, you were swept up by a parent and taken to a big, brick building where they left you for an entire day.   And that was it; life as you knew it ended!  Your freedom was turned into a sort of enslavement to a chair tucked under a table with the rules repeated over and over by someone you had never met before.  This stranger, called “a teacher,” talked to you and the other kids who were left there too as if you were all the same person, even though all of you were different.  With the same words and same tone, she kept telling you to stay in your chair until she gave you permission to move to a new location, where you were instructed to stay until she told you to move again.

The Powerful Un-American Media

written by Dianne Linderman on

The media in our country today has been at the forefront in reporting the dark side of current events, the demise of businesses, the deaths of loved ones, and the destruction of people’s reputations.  It has abused the ethical qualities of journalism, even going so far as to affect the outcome of elections.