Dianne talked about…

    How young, school-aged trouble makers are the successful entrepreneurs of the future. Also talked about the insanity of our bizarre welfare system.

News Referenced in the Show





  • Trump Hotel Not Apologizing for Booting Duck Dynasty Star – Trump International Hotel called it unfortunate, but is not quite ready to apologize after a staff member mistakenly thought Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson was a homeless vagrant and kicked him out of the pricey Manhattan high-rise…


  • Feds Spend $400,000 to Study Duck Genitals – For the past four years, American taxpayers have paid nearly $400,000 so that Yale University could study the sexual conflict of waterfowl and “plasticity in duck penis length”…


  • California lawmaker pulls son from class over transgender law – A Republican state lawmaker says a new California law allowing transgender students to choose which restroom and locker room they use is part of the reason at least one of his sons will not return to his local public school this falls…


  • Debate over tipping at restaurants heats up – Should restaurants scrap the practice of tipping? There is a growing chorus of those in the food world to end it. Creating buzz this week is a restaurant owner who said that he scrapped tips and ultimately got better service from his staff…
  • Boby

    I just saw a interview alley boy had with hiiowphpred look what this nigga say. Rick Ross, Big Meech, Bleu Davinci, all these different cats is like “this ni**a is fake as f*ck.” First of all he claims Atlanta, you not from Atlanta you from Macon . the c o rick ross?? not the real ross but the fat greasy same ross that lied to you every radio station and the PUBLIC about being a correctional officer?? that would be the first fuck duct tape to me and 2nd and 3rd divinci and meech seem soo big but soo small I would say small you running bmf hundreds and all you relying on is jeezy?? if alleyboy feel like they need to be tooken care of why dont he support meech grown ass who obviously dont run shit!alley boy looked luike a straight bitch like he really dick riding meech and vinci listening to a correctional officer about who real and who not? why that fuck nigga lie? over..and over about his situation? but he wanna believe these ppl..niggas is so backwards fuck duct tape and ross

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