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Dianne talked about…

  • How degrading the Obama Care TV ads are—treating people like they are stupid.
  • Living in Texas makes you feel like a true American again—“I’m amongst my people.”
  • A scam-call she received the other day, and was able to turn the table!
  • 1st Amendment right… Freedom of speech is being taken away from us. Speak up, or you will be a quiet, angry person.
  • 2nd Amendment right…  the more trained, responsible people who have guns, the safer we will all be.
  • Recipe: Parmesan Crusted Asparagus.

News Referenced in the Show


Mozilla Blowback

  • Mozilla blowback: bursting the PC bubble? – The people at Mozilla may yet live to regret their decision in cooperating with the forcing out of Brendan Eich. Apparently the internet giant has been getting a lot of negative reaction to its jettisoning of Eich for his contribution in support of California’s Proposition 8 back in 2008…


  • Obama’s empty boasts - 7.1 million Affordable Care Act signups are only one metric among many. After his health-care law surpassed the low-ball enrollment target of 7 million, President Obama staged a Rose Garden rally and zinged doubters: “Armageddon has not arrived…”

Juan and Eric

  • Juan Williams Clashes with Eric Bolling: ‘We Need America to Be a Gun-Free Zone’ – The tragic Fort Hood shooting this week reignited the debate over shootings in gun-free zones and whether gun-free zones are generally more prone to this kind of horrible violence. On Cashin’ InSaturday morning, Eric Bolling and Juan Williams tussled over mental health and the gun culture, with Williams saying, “I think we need America to be a gun-free zone…”


  • Hillary Betrays Her Country – Why does Hillary Clinton hate America? That is the question that should be on everyone’s mind as she embarks on a worldwide tour to plug her forthcoming memoir. Hillary Clinton discussed her work at the State Department, called for young women not to take criticisms personally and rapped the media for treating powerful women with a double standard…


  • The Insiders: The president takes the low road – The president gave two speeches this week, one in the Rose Garden to talk about Obamacare and one in Ann Arbor, Mich., to push minimum wage increases. What did we learn?  We learned that President Obama is most comfortable in campaign mode, and his campaigning has gotten downright ugly…


  • Conservative media is unintentionally protecting Obama – When it comes to Obama-era scandals, the American Right’s predominant emotion is frustration — a frustration that causes hypertension levels usually seen only in Cubs fans and the unfortunates hired to do PR for Lindsay Lohan and Shia LeBoeuf.…


  • Axelrod admits Dems have ‘major hurdles,’ after new poll – Former top Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod acknowledged Saturday that Democrats face tough challenges in November, following a new Associated Press-GfK poll that shows voters increasingly appear to want Republicans over Democrats to control Congress…
  • Mike

    Concerning the standoff at the Bundy ranch…I have been a police office for 25 years and I’m aware that there are differing grooming standards, but MOST law enforcement agencies DO NOT allow their officers to wear beards. I don’t know if BLM does or not, but I do know that PMCs (private military contractors) DO. Were these “RANGERS” really PMCs that were put into BLM uniforms and let loose on these civilians? This ISN’T beyond the realm of possibility based on the actions of our government recently. I DON’T TRUST MY GOVERNMENT!!!!

    • Damaris

      Hmm. This is a really ineiresttng point. You are, I presume, referring to his torture as a POW in Vietnam. And you are assuming that Clinton has never suffered gender violence, though if she had she’d hardly be in a position to exploit it politically as McCain has done; and that Obama has never been the victim of violent hate crimes (probably true).But the debate is not about the individuals, it’s about broad patterns in society. Your argument’s validity would rest on the assumption that US military officers are likelier than other identity groups to suffer lethal violence. But officers are the most protected class in the military. They have more extensive protections under the Geneva Conventions, and do less of the dangerous dirty work than enlisted men and women. Upon demobilization, they also get the best benefits and have the most promising prospects of political careers, relative to enlistees or civilians.Oh, and the privileged officer corps also happen to be largely composed of upper class white men.

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