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The art of the lie: The Boston Terrorists were hypnotized—they are sleepers. How many more of them are in our country? The big question is how are we to defend ourselves against these sleeper terrorists with gun control laws at our heals? Those who believe the lie could be your next door neighbors, your doctors, your politicians, your best friend—OMG! This is frightening, but it is the best argument we have for our 2nd amendment right.

Why does it take a national terrorism attack to bring our country together? This country is full of lazy, weak-minded Americans that so easily forget the wickedness of the world. The terrorists depend on our good nature and freedom to put forth their evil deeds. What they do not understand is that we will come together to defeat them no matter how we feel about one another.

It is amazing that one 19 year old can shut down an entire city! I think the terrorist have got exactly what they want, they have tested us! One of two things will come out of this; either they put us on alert or we put them on alert.

With radical terrorism, gangs, piercings, tattoos, drugs dealers, etc. rampant in our country… we really need to start looking at the problem of bad parenting.

What do you think of all of our anti-gun, liberal movie stars, such as Tom Cruise, Morgan Freedman and Russell Crowe, using guns to be heroes? This to me is ultimate hypocrisy!!

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