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There are two hours of radio we listen to weekly. You bring so much logic and reason to your audience. We operate a steel recycling business. We built it from an idea and business plan. We feel we are getting screwed by the government local, state, and Obama…
Having an opportunity to listen to you we know we are not alone. We work seven days a week just like you. Our last one week vacation was eight years ago.
I have a favor to ask. We listen to you on KHRO in El Paso. Can your production person call or e mail Jeff Liberman President of the Radio Division of Entravision. Entravision owns KHRO. They employ a couple of the most inept local radio personnel in the nation. They do not have the skills sets necessary to set the computer to have your program begin IMMEDIATELY after the national news. Today you came on the air about ten after the hour. We missed the first few minutes of your show as we listened to dead air.
Then these KHRO radio nitwits go to the national news at ten minutes before the hour (again dead air) Right now I am listening to dead air instead of the Chris Markowski show.
Dianne, we want to listen to ALL your show. Imagine the frustration when we missed about 10-12 minutes an hour while you were broadcasting and KHRO was broadcasting dead air.
I have contacted Jeff Liberman at Entravision in writing seven times. Usually he raises hell and the problem gets fixed for a week or two. Entravision and you are loosing ad revenue as most listeners are not going to listen to ten minutes an hour of dead air no matter how much they like you. Attached in a word document is my most recent letter.
Dianne, once upon a time if someone could not do a job (eg keep the radio station on the air) they would be retrained or fired. KHRO has no quality standards as 10 minutes an hour of dead air is acceptable.
Enough, we love the show. We will continue to listen even if we miss 10 minutes an hour. If you told Jeff you had complaints; maybe he will make some changes so we can hear all your show.
Best wishes for continued success.

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