written by JEFF AND ELIZABETH B. on

Just a quick note to wish you, your family, and your staff a Merry Christmas! Elizabeth and I really appreciate your show. It is our two hours of “must hear” radio every week.

Communication technology has changed over the decades but interesting, thought provoking, “common sense” programming which you provide is like a magnet for small business people like us. We are always working Sunday mornings. Our customers are primarily in Korea and Singapore so we are getting ready for the “day ahead” which starts at 7:00 Sunday evening. We really enjoy your ideas.

Dianne please keep doing what you are doing in the New Year. If you were about 400 miles further west in West Texas the saying would be “Dianne don’t change a damn thing.”

Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

  • Nickolas

    It’s illegal for you to dwolnoad the show even if you pay for the daily show, there was a case not too long ago where a person dwolnoaded some music, they owned a copy of the album but didn’t know how to rip it, so they just dwolnoaded a copy. They were found guilty despite the fact they could show they owned a copy of the album before they dwolnoaded the music. Had they rip the music themselves they wouldn’t have had a problem.Morally you’re on safe ground, you are paying to hear the show and they are getting their money and you get to hear the show. No problem.

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