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written by LANA F. on

Dianne, you were off the air for a while and I was thrilled when I heard you were back on. It is almost like you are reading my mind, we agree on so much. I was born in Texas, raised by conservative parents who owned their own business as do I. I owned a BBQ restaurant, a gift and interior store with a nutrition center, and am presently remodeling a house to rent out. I am an herbalist and gardener and have taught myself what ever I am interested in. I home schooled my son and now am working with my grandson in kindergarten. Thank you for your show and great recipes. Finally there is a woman on radio I share a kinship with.

written by MOLLY M. on

I heard your show today for the first time and I was delighted and amazed by the great ideas and common sense that you expressed. I was beginning to think that my husband and I were the ONLY ones left in the country who have severe trepidation about what the coming four years will bring and the path to destruction that our country is on. Thank you for voicing what so many of us are thinking. You have a new and dedicated listener in me, that’s for sure! (Count that TWO new listeners–my husband is definitely on board too!) Keep speaking up!

written by KARLA E. on

I caught about a half an hour of Dianne’s show while driving on the FL Turnpike this past Sunday. Then unfortunately I lost the frequency. I know that even the half an hour was meant for me to hear. Just that short time inspired me about agricultural education, entrepreneurship AND helped put a lot of the current politics into perspective for me as a conservative Mom. Can’t wait to hear and read more from this website. Thanks Dianne for giving us a voice!

written by RAE H. on

I am from Louisiana and never heard your show before and listened to it while traveling through the northern states on Sunday and very much enjoy it and would like to sync rive to your emails and get daily news, recipes, etc.

written by DIANA G. on

All I wanted was your honey and soy recipe you talked about today 3/17/13? Can’t find it anywhere on your web site! It’s amazing you still have a radio show, it is so obvious you do not have any college! You tell a story, to come after break and never get back to your story. You can not stay on any task, and I LOVE you do marriage counseling with what degree?? Marriage counseling?? And troubled kids, what is your degree?? You can not stay on any subject at all!! You drift the whole time, makes us nuts, just like you are!!

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reply from DIANNE

First of all, who was the first teacher and who taught him or her? Did this teacher have a degree? And what authority does a person need to speak the truth? If you want to believe the lie—that unless you have a degree you are nothing—then you stay where you are! The obvious truth is that you can become highly educated from life’s experiences!

I have not only worked with troubled teens for thirty years (with a 90% success rate), I helped those kids that the doctors with degrees couldn’t help! And as for marriage counseling, I have had to teach the crazy parents how to come together as a family to save the lives of their troubled teens.

I have been on the radio for almost 10 years now and my show is growing by leaps and bounds! As for staying “on task,” yes, I do tend to drift as I have so much to share!!! But the real question is, if you think I am such a nut, why the hell do you love my show so much!!!!

My recipe? I will not send it to you because I drive you nuts!!