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Free phones, call minutes draw crowds in Charleston, North Charleston

written by ANDREW KNAPP on

Hundreds of low-income people this week have been lining up in a vacant lot near the Crisis Ministries shelter on Meeting Street and, in some cases, waiting nearly three hours for a free cellphone with 250 prepaid minutes per month.

Single moms getting a sweet deal in Pa.

written by GIL SPENCER on

When all the benefits are added up, the lower-paid single mom qualifies to receive $57,327 in net income and benefits, while the mom who earns $69,000 ends up with a net income and benefits of $57,045.

It’s time for Republicans to let Obama own the fiscal crisis

written by ANDREA TANTAROS on

If you thought the bulk of our gridlocked politics would end in November, think again. The prospect of our country going off what’s referred to as the “fiscal cliff” has both the right and the left staking out their territory in a battle over how to handle our very unbalanced books.

This Country CAN Recover, but it will NOT be Accomplished by Those in Washington

written by NIKI D. on

People who know me know I generally do not verbalize my political beliefs. There is a reason the polls are curtained off; to protect the privacy of the voter. I am not ashamed of how I believe; I just choose to keep my opinions to myself. They are personal and honestly, I do not want anyone trying to convince me otherwise. I am not unintelligent, nor am I naive. I believe what I believe because I can, and I base my beliefs on my principles.

written by KARIN D. on

I was talking with my husband about the election. He had a great idea. Purge the voting roles every four years. That would get rid of the zombie voters. It would be like renewing your license every four years. Some how in New Mexico we’d have to get the IDs required.

written by PAUL E. on

Heard your radio show for the first time on a local station and enjoyed it very much. I’ll be sure to listen again! Best wishes and regards.