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written by MARGARET M. on

I just wanted to thank you for your article published in News With Views. I have been mulling a similar idea over the last few years as a summer camp project. My husband is a Licensed Professional Counselor and part time College Professor. While my background is in law enforcement, I am now in college working on my Master’s in Counseling. We own a counseling practice as well as a non-profit that provides court ordered Anger Management and Domestic Violence Classes in Southwest Alabama. I plan to order your book today. It is so exciting to read about your success with the children at the fair. I liked the idea of having an outlet for the children to actually use the skills they are learning. Best wishes on your new magazine, I will check it out on your website. You are an inspiration!

written by SANDY B. on

Love your show Dianne and must say I agree w 90% of your comments. It seems rare these days to find a kindred spirit. I am retired living in Las Cruces, NM and Eugene, Oregon. The best of both worlds I think. Will purchase your cook book as soon as I get back to Eugene which will be next month. Coming back for the holidays and the rain!! Know that you are supported out in radio land.

written by JAMES B. on

Just a short ‘thank you’ for a terrific show; I look forward to your common-sense every Sunday, on 670 AM, Las Vegas, NV.

written by MARTHA K. on

Heard you for the first time today on the radio as I traveled to see my mom in assisted living. Made a mental note to look up your site. Loved your show.

written by EVAN B. on

I believe many people missed what Biden was doing. It was a planned tactic to draw attention away from Mr. Ryan’s message by all his rudeness, laughing, smirking, and interuptions, and it all worked, the moderator was useless she pressed Ryan, while letting Biden slide. I am voting for Romney, I do not like Obama and Biden. Its an old tactic they used to deliberately distract the viewers, so Ryan’s message was lost to them, they, we only heard bits and pieces from Ryan, why ? Because Obama and team have nothing to run on, so you do what you can to bury the other guys message so its not really known what he said, mission accomplished. That’s Chicago style politics. I pray Mr. Romney does great, but I fear its a venue that favors O’blameah, he can throw out jokes and other nonsense, that’s his game he does not like one on one and no teleprompter to aid him. Distractions are the name of their game plan. It works on the uninformed.
Amazon has a great book on this (FREE SPEECH OR PROPAGANDA how the media distorts the truth, by Marlin Maddoux, written in 1990, a very good eye opener on exactly what’s happening even now, and has been going on for years. Karl Marx believed if you controlled the news media, you could control the people easier with misleading words (Brainwashing) more effectively then with guns. But of course the communists used both very well…deception of the uninformed masses. Kept ignorant by misinformation in the news. It still works just look on youtube,”idiots who voted for Obama.”

written by JOHN. on

I decided to reduce my waistline and weight. I need a recipe for a healthy muffin recipe. For breakfast I have cereal and fruit and I need to omit pastries. Can you help? PS: I do enjoy your radio program on Saturday afternoon.