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written by JIM. on

Sign me up Dianne. I would love to get some more of your recipes. I lost my wife three years ago and am trying to learn to cook. Do you have any recipes for dog cookies? I thoroughly enjoy listening to your radio show each weekend. I completely agree with your philosophy regarding kids, life and politics. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

written by MARYANNE D. on

I am pleased that we receive your radio program in Montgomery, Alabama on FM 93.1. Thank you for the inspiration and the great recipes.

Don’t be led astray in electing right path

written by TOM SKOCH on

Only two months left until Election Day, thank God. Presidential campaign emotions are running high, and the never-ending news cycle feeds that fever relentlessly.

written by NORA V. on

I found you on the radio Sunday as I was driving around my ranch. I thank you for your courage to get the truth out and challenge some very brain-washed people before it is too late!!!!!!!! I want to read the 2008 newspaper article you mentioned.