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Dianne talked about…

  • Happy Mothers Day!
  • When you spoil children, they will hate your guts.
  • This is going to be the most bazaar election season. Don’t freak out, hell is about to be unleash.
  • Media is having a Trump feeding frenzy. $90 million dollars of TV time purchased for negative ads against Trump.
  • Hillary is a criminal. Stands on no principle. Not popular. Boring. An absolutely horrible candidate.
  • 250,000 convicts going to be allowed to vote. Democrats or Republicans? Are they criminals?
  • Do you work at what you love?
  • We are starting an Entrepreneurial Un-Schooling Academy  at our Lone Star Ranch in Texas.
  • Listen to a call with a Bernie supporter.

News Referenced in the Show…

Sarah PalinSarah Palin endorses Paul Ryan’s primary challenger to punish the House Speaker for not immediately baking Donald Trump • Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin fired a warning shot in the direction of House Speaker Paul Ryan for not immediately supporting Donald Trump by backing his primary opponent on live television this morning. ´I think Paul Ryan is soon to be “Cantored,” as in Eric Cantor,´ …

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is going to be exonerated on the email controversy. It won’t matter. • Prosecutors and FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server have so far found scant evidence that the leading Democratic presidential candidate intended to break classification rules, though they are still probing the case aggressively with an eye on interviewing Clinton herself…


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