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Dianne talked about…

  • How to really help people. Obama thrives on giving handouts, not hand-ups.
  • Liberals are “do-gooders”—they are the real racists, cry-babies, immature, and dividers.
  • Democrats re-electing Nancy Pelosi… insane.
  • Megan Kelly’s move… what was it really about?
  • Don’t mess with Trump, he’s a winner!
  • I’m adventuring into Blog Talk Radio and Facebook Live Show… keep tuned for more information.
  • Doubt and the dumbing down of Americans.
  • Karma, and how it works. The more you hate and wish people harm, it comes back on you.
  • News outlets don’t report on news… it’s opinion. We don’t care what their opinion is—we know better!
  • Democrats are socialists and communists.
  • Oddly enough, donkeys, the symbol of the Democrats, are cunning, stubborn and resistant to what is good for them.
  • Time for us to make the liberals feel miserable – not with revenge, but just defending what is right without being upset.
  • Be careful with rice, apples, and shrimp that they are not from China.
  • Recipes: Guacamole, Homemade Tortilla Chips, Potato Cheese Soup

News referenced in the show…

Obama at lecturnThe Boobytrapped Presidency • The Democrats are doing all they can to spike Donald Trump’s presidency before it gets off the ground. His path is littered with snares and pitfalls. Among other things, the Obama administration is taking a series of executive actions that the Democrats say Trump can’t undo.

Hundreds of bikers on freeway“Bikers for Trump” Organize Mega Event in DC on Trump’s Inauguration Day • An awesome 10,000 bikers are expected to roll into DC for Trump’s inauguration • the Washington Times reported that Bikers for Trump has negotiated with National Park Service for permts near Trump’s inaugural parade route to accommodate up to 10,000 bikers. Some from as far as California. The contingent of bikers are expected to form a buffer to prevent anti-Trump protesters from disrupting the inauguration ceremony…

Schumer in congress at lecturnMaking (Me and) America Sick Again • Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic party cohorts are flailing against the likelihood that Obama’s signature screw-up, ObamaCare, will be repealed. As Dilbert creator Scott Adams notes, apparently on the advice of the satire site, the Onion, they have adopted the fighting words “Make America Sick Again”. Actually Obama and his party, with the aid of what Instapundit has dubbed “democratic operatives with bylines” continue to make me sick of their lies and distortions of truth…

Portrait of Ted Malloch

Trump´s EU envoy is a Brexiteer: Insiders predict US trade deal within 12 months • THE MAN set to become Donald Trump’s ambassador to the EU revealed yesterday that he supported Brexit and declared: “I love the UK.” Professor Ted Malloch, whose appointment is expected to be announced within days, said he believed Britain would “move to the head of the queue” for a trade deal with the US…

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