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Dianne talked about…

  • 18 year olds were 10 when Obama got in office – raised with a welfare mentality.
  • Our immigration system really screwed up.
  • 2016 election results were a gift from God.  Inspiration is now spreading throughout this country.
  • Our education system has lost it’s innocence.
  • Trump’s phone call with Taiwan.
  • We need to start boycotting those companies standing against President-elect Trump.
  • Pelosi reelection… she will fail her party again.
  • Sarah Palin ragged on Trump for Carrier deal.
  • Recipe: Split Pea Soup


News referenced in the show…

Trump and BannonAnti-Semite charge bounces off Trump and sticks to Democrats • This is so bizarre that it needs to be confronted publicly rather than ignored. Anti-Semite Trump has a daughter, Ivanka Trump, who is an orthodox Jew; he has grandchildren who are orthodox Jews; his son-in-law Jared Kushner is not only an orthodox Jew, but one of his main advisers, often credited for winning him the White House. Not only that, but anti-Semite Trump made a central plank of his campaign platform that he would be a stalwart friend of Israel and would face down Israel’s enemies in the Middle East such as Iran…


Protesters in DenmarkWar on Denmark’s Streets: Migrant chaos sparks clashes between police and protestors • The open-borders hooligans – who held banners saying “make racists afraid again” – set bins and pieces of wood ablaze and lit a bonfire in the middle of the road before physically barging the police…

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