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Dianne talked about…

  • What we create in our homes is what exudes from us everywhere we go.
  • The snowflake generation.
  • Liberals have created a culture of hate. It’s time to be very vigilant.
  • Marijuana is taking over the nations well-being.
  • Don’t believe the words of the spoiled losers – Donald Trump will be our next president.
  • Recipe: Potato Pancakes (or Cheaters Potato Latke)  

News referenced in the show…

Packaging marijuanaThis will be the next marijuana capital of the world • This year marked a turning point for marijuana, both as a cultural movement and as an industry. Polls show a record percentage of Americans now favor legalization, and most of us already live in a state with some form of legal cannabis. California, home to more than a tenth of the U.S. population and the sixth largest economy in the world, just approved recreational marijuana. In 2017, expect the momentum to grow with further mainstreaming of cannabis and the cementing of the industry…


Teen smoking marijuanaHidden dangers of Marijuana • With all the pro-medical marijuana publicity and the clamoring for decriminalization of this drug, it can be hard to remember that marijuana is indeed damaging and addictive and causes harmful effects. It’s quite possible we are doing a terrible disservice to our children when we are permissive about the dangers of marijuana. Though they are not headline news, there are serious and harmful effects associated with abusing marijuana…


Obama speakingWant to stop foreign meddling in elections? Turn off talk radio, Obama says • It’s no wonder that voters fell for “fake news” planted by foreign governments during the election when partisan media outlets and political talk radio shows have been pushing a similar tone for years, President Barack Obama said on Friday.


Crowd of whitesALL THE RAGE: Taxpayer-Funded Colleges Offer Courses On America’s ‘Problem Of Whiteness’ • Two more taxpayer-funded American universities — the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Colorado Denver — will offer undergraduate courses focused exclusively on how “whiteness” is a serious social problem in the upcoming spring 2017 semester. The course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is matter-of-factly called “The Problem of Whiteness.”


Black lives matter marchWALMART TO SELL “BLACK LIVES MATTER” APPAREL WHILE REMOVING “OFFENSIVE” CHRISTIAN APPAREL • The domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter should never be something we allow to flourish, but under Obama, the group is stronger than ever. In a recent report, Walmart has officially chosen to side with Black Lives Matter as they will immediately begin selling their branded apparel and other related items. The items will be endless, including ball caps, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, planners, and many other things.


Trump crowd at ralleyTop Pollster: Trump Could Create Long Term Majority – And Change Politics as We Know It • Top pollster Frank Luntz – who was not a Trump supporter – told Sean Hannity tonight that Trump could create a permanent Republican majority. “I did not think Trump had a good chance. But I thought he was absolutely viable because of what he said and how he said it…

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